Schmelzer: Dortmund’s Great 16th Great Hope

Bad performance seems to be engulfing Borussia Dortmund this season. Because, until Matchday 4 Champions League this season, they have never won a single victory

And lastly, the team was only able to draw 1-1 at home to APOEL Nicosia, as a result this time the new Bundesliga representatives packed two points from four matches that they have undergone.

In the remaining two games, Die Borussen should be able to achieve full points to be able to keep the chances of escaping the next kebabak. But it seems akaa difficult because it will face Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.

Meanwhile, Peter Bosz admitted if the failure of his team to victory in the dilaga because their front lines are weak in completing the final task.

“I understand the disappointment of all. We have to win, but we are actually a rousing draw. We lost confidence in the last few games and that goes against APOEL, “Bosz told local media.

And sadness is also felt by captain Mercel Schmelzer. Representing all players, he revealed if the players shed tears after being held to APOEL draw, Because with the result that chance to the round of 16 large is very difficult.

This has been Dortmund’s worst achievement in the Champions League in the last five seasons.

“We have a difficult period and we have to keep together. We are sure to take the bus and get back on track. “Schmelzer said.

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