Moyes: Coaching MU is a Difficult Duty

Moyes: Coaching MU is a Difficult Duty

Former Manchester United coach David Moyes admits that coaching MU is not an easy task.

In an interview, Jose Mourinho said that after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils have failed to evolve.

Responding to the response from Mourinho, Moyes explicitly said that being a successor of the SAF is not an easy task, and not all coaches are able to undertake the task.

“Jose may have an opinion, but after Sir Alex’s era is over, the club will definitely enter the transition period,” said the coach told reporters.

“There was a change of bodyguard, not only did I sign in for Alex, but David Gill also dropped out of club executive positions, and was replaced by Ed Woodward.”

“So that change will always take time. Yes, I did train a championship team, but clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City, spent a lot of money that summer, in order to beat us. ”

“It’s hard for me to come to Old Trafford, and tear up a team that just won the title.”

“Even so, I can accept that as a manager of Manchester United, you have to win, and I do not win enough. But I do not see a manager who can do better and faster than me after Sir Alex retired. It’s just a matter of small differences. “

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