Verratti Decide To Stay On PSG

Verratti Decide To Stay On PSG

Marco Verratti revealed ‘there is something’ with Barcelona but insists if he has decided to stay in Paris Saint German, even before Neymar came.

Verratti was heavily linked to the Catalan giants during the first part of this summer, but the Blaugrana failed to agree a contract with PSG, which eventually led Neymar to a world record of 222 million Euros.

“Barcelona? Yes indeed there was something, but it did not happen. We have no other negotiations, “the 24-year-old midfielder told Italian media.

“I decided to stay on this path because I am happy and there is no pressure from any side.”

“Did I change my mind because of Neymar’s arrival? I decided this was long enough, even before the Parisians decided to pick it up. ”

“Because I do not know if Neymar will come here.” Verratti Decide To Stay In PSG