Busquets Reluctantly Compare Isco with Iniesta

Busquets Reluctantly Compare Isco with Iniesta

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets refused to compare the ability of Isco, with teammate Andres Iniesta Game Judi Online.

In the game against the Italian national team yesterday, Isco managed to look brilliant, with many parties champion the player as a successor of Iniesta.

Even so, Busquets refused to comment on it, and admitted that he does not like to compare the ability of both players.

“Personally, I honestly do not like to compare players.”

“They are both obviously a quality footballer, it is unquestionable. But they have a style of play, as well as different ways of footballing.

“In the past few years, Isco has managed to show his talent. He created two goals [in the game against Italy], and managed to look amazing. ”

“His role is increasingly dominant in the team, but we all already know how big his capabilities are.”

“For us, being able to have players like Isco and Andres, and using their capabilities to help the team, is a fun thing.”