Memorize Sriwijaya FC Character, Widodo Ask For Player Waspada

Memorize Sriwijaya FC Character, Widodo Ask For Player Waspada

Bali coach Widodo Widodo Cahyono Putro claimed to have known the character of playing opponent candidate Sriwijaya FC. This is because Widodo once mengarsiteki Sriwijaya FC.

Moreover, the majority of players Laskar Wong Kito Widodo since taken up to now still many who survive.

According Widodo, grip Palembang public pride club game, has not changed since he handled until now. Widodo did not dismiss it could be a distinct advantage for him.

As is known, Bali United and Sriwijaya FC will clash at the Stadium Captain I Wayan Dipta Gianyar in League 1 advanced action, Monday (30/10/2017.

“Technically I already know some of the players, their positions and their characteristics.” Sriwijaya FC has not changed its character since I grew up, and certainly there are additional players, but the character does not change, almost the same as my initial grasp, “said Widodo, Monday / 10/2017).

One of the players who is well known by Widodo is Beto Goncalves. According to him, the Brazilian man is a complete player.

Beto can work together in teams, can also accelerate alone. “Beto is a complete player, without any other players he can score, let alone assisted by others, but overall, all players of Sriwijaya FC who enter one third of our defense must be wary,” he said.

To that end, Widodo hopes his foster children run the instructions properly. For, even though it has been given a discourse, in the end that will determine in the field is the player itself.

“The football that determines the player itself and the system in it, I hope what we have given can be properly instructed by the children.”

Big Bonus

“All this time we have some matches that attacked him a higher percentage than survive, there should be a balance, but whatever the result today, we must keep a positive trend in our cage,” he said.

Widodo also saw Sriwijaya FC have a fighting spirit layered after a big bonus by their management if managed to finish in the top ten league 1 standings.

Of course in the eyes of Widodo it should be wary of foster children. “But maybe their fighting spirit is fixing that rank to be aware of, they have a fighting spirit,” he said.

Top Scorer League 1, Goalkeeper Bhayangkara FC Beware of Comvalius

Top Scorer League 1, Goalkeeper Bhayangkara FC Beware of Comvalius

The top duel will be presented in the battle between Bhayangkara FC and Bali United at Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Friday (29/09/2017) Agen Bola Terpercaya. Incar maximum results, goalkeeper Bhayangkara Awan Setho Raharjo will be wary of Sylvano Comvalius

The match between Bhayangkara FC and Bali United in the 27th week of League 1 will be the most highlighted game considering the hot tensions of the two clubs that are now at the top. The match is also said to be the deciding who will be the winner at the end of the season since Bhayangkara FC is currently at the top of the standings and only one point ahead of Bali United who are in second place.

Bali United is also known to have a very aggressive attack line. Team nicknamed Tridatu Serdadu was already packing 56 goals in 26 matches, in which 26 goals of which were printed by Sylvano Comvalius.

Facing a very sharp front line, especially the presence of Sylvano Comvalius on the front lines, Bhayangkara goalkeeper, Cloud Setho, was ready. The young goalkeeper admits he has repeatedly analyzed the Dutch striker’s game, especially the movement when scoring for Bali United.

“During this time I always observe the goals he scored.When competing in Bali in the first round of my goal was conceded from head tandukan.I hope tomorrow I can anticipate the attacks coming from him better,” said Cloud Setho when found in mess player Bhayangkara FC in South Jakarta area, Wednesday (27/09/2017).

Cloud Setho confessed that his analysis of Sylvano Comvalius was done on his own initiative in anticipation of the attack by the 30-year-old striker. He also believes Bhayangkara FC can achieve three points when entertaining Bali United.

“One thing is for sure, we are aiming for victory because this game will be very influential in the standings We have to play well and focus because we do not want to lose points at home We have won in the first round held in Bali. again, “Cloud Setho said.

Bhayangkara FC is currently at the top of the league 1 by packing 53 points. The victory at the Patriot Stadium in the 27th week of action will make the distance with Bali United widened to four points with the remaining seven games until the end of the season.